75,000 meals and a bicycle trip to the Equator

​Credit insurer Euler Hermes has been supporting the Bonnepark Children's Playground for 10 years. This support enables children from disadvantaged families to enjoy a hot lunch daily.
HAMBURG – 25 SEPTEMBER 2013 – Whenever the employees of credit insurer Euler Hermes in Bahrenfeld look out their cafeteria window at 1:30 p.m., they’ve see the same view  they have seen for 10 years: employees and children of the Altona Bonnepark transporting lunch on a special black bicycle to the children's playground 15 minutes away. 

Euler Hermes delivers 30 hot lunches every day to the day-care centre operated by the Hamburg City Mission. Many of the children cared for after school have been traumatized by refugee experiences or violence. At the children's playground they can play, climb, and learn crafts. The educational goal is to give the children prospects for the future and facilitate their integration into society.

A Euler Hermes commitment since 2003

Credit insurer Euler Hermes, with 1,400 employees in its Bahrenfeld offices, has been supporting this project for 10 years. In that time, 75,000 meals have been served to the children -- a total of 33 tons of food. The quantity of rice alone would fill more than 10 bathtubs. More than six tons of potatoes have been cooked in various menus. And in those 10 years, the children and their bicycle have covered 8,500 kilometers, almost the distance of a trip from Hamburg to the equator. 

"As one of the major employers in this area of the city, we are very happy to be involved in this social project that directly benefits children in the immediate neighbourhood," said Dr. Hans Janus, member of the Board of Directors of Euler Hermes Deutschland AG, at the anniversary celebration. "It’s wonderful to see how well the children feel here, and what a constant and important component the group lunch represents in their daily lives.” 

For many of the children, aged between five and 14 years, the lunch is more than a basic need. Many of them do not receive breakfast at home, nor do they have a mid-morning snack. The group lunch is a place for conversation and connection. The day group and the children's playground work together toward the goal of offering children a safe place where they can develop.

"The opportunities for learning and experience that we can offer the children here are very important in helping them to achieve. Just greeting these children respectfully and lovingly already does a great deal. We greatly value the reliable and generous support provided by Euler Hermes for so long," said Brother Broers, director of spiritual and theological affairs and public relations at the City Mission.